We bring to you a unique set of tools to assist you enforce your values, educate and build world leaders. Make MUMTI  your #1 Homeschooling resource.

  • A unified interface to access a wide-variety of media and resources for learning.
  • MUMTI is a Digital Educator for Children and Grownups.
  • It’s a multi-format interactive hyper-player capable of cycling over a range of media types.
  • It is Internet-Web-Safe content accessible on your PC or Mac computer. Use it on the desktop or laptop, and especially in your living room large screen family viewing experiences. MUMTI is 100% Ads free.
  • Think of MUMTI as the Third Parent.
  • Every child education and PC experience should start with MUMTI because it’s intuitive, safe and provides unsurpassed learning
  • Learning Arabic, Quran, Salat, Du’aa then MUMTI is a one click resource for children and adults.
  • God gave you beautiful and uncountable gifts and perhaps children.¬† Take advantage of tools like MUMTI to safeguard your children innocence, provide them with a Halal alternative environment and grow their unique talents.
  • Imagine a rich and vast Arabic, Quran, Tajweed, Science Educational System at your finger tips.
  • In addition to its unique proprietary content, MUMTI enables you to use hand picked valuable tutorials, lessons and fun activities on the internet without the inappropriate content we are too often subjected to.
  • Learn complex scripts like Arabic, Farsi as well as English and French. Arabic Glyphs and keyboard are also covered.
  • Build an in depth knowledge of Arabic grammar thru visual simple to follow lessons and digital flash cards
  • Contact us if you desire custom or specific content

See screen snapshots for v1.0.1

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2 Responses to About

  1. Omar Shakir says:

    I am omar from the mosque..

    • Maye Mohamed says:

      Jazak Allah Khair Brother for making this invaluable tool for all of us to use. I know that my children and I will benefit immensely from this product that you and your colleagues worked so hard to create. Please keep up the good work and may God reward you and those like you immeasurably for your effort!
      Alaykum Al Salam
      Sister Maye Mohamed

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